Rattan Furniture Manufacturers

Here are rattan furniture manufacturers and exporters located in Cirebon area. Based on our experience and information these companies are real and registered in Rattan Furniture Association.

  1. PT. BELLADONNA PRIMARAYA (http://www.belladonna.id)
  2. CV Indosurya Mahakam  (http://indosuryafurniture.com/)
  3. CV Tripolar (http://tripolar-furniture.com/)
  4. CV Savana (http://www.savanarattan.com)
  5. PT Cirebon Furniture (http://cirebonfurniture.co.id/)
  6. PT Findora Internusa (http://www.findora.com)
  7. PT Erlangga Bina Niaga (http://www.erlanggarattan.biz/)
  8. PT Wisanka (http://indonesiarattan.com/)
  9. PT Danindo Jensen (http://www.rattan-danindo.com/)
  10. PT Romana Wicker (http://www.tirtanata.com)